H & S Training

A comprehensive portfolio of health and safety training courses are delivered  throughout the year; including:

We offer a number of training delivery options including Public /Open Courses, Close Courses, On-site Training and Workshops.

We work closely with clients to establish their training needs, develop tailor made courses and programmes and advise on follow up and reinforcement in the workplace.

We have developed and delivered in house programmes for a range of corporate and private sector clients including SAS, SclumbergerSema, Lufthansa, Ernst & Young, and the University of Sussex.

Ensuring and measuring the effectiveness of training is key to our approach. To this end we provide follow up and mentoring programmes to staff to support the effective transfer of knowledge into the workplace.

Details of the courses we provide can be found on the following sheets.

For more information about the services we can offer you please call Gaynor Whyles on 01372-462277, email her or use the Contact Form.