Fire Safety

Staff training is essential in the mitigation of fire risk in any occupied workplace. Many premises will rely on their staff to prevent fire, to act swiftly and correctly upon its discovery, and to ensure the successful evacuation of the premises should it be required.

Adequate training is a requirement of the Management of Health and Safety At Work Regulations and the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order. Without adequate and regular training staff may be unable to recognise fire risks, or take the correct action to mitigate them. Correct and swift staff action in an emergency will also be a requirement of any evacuation plan for which staff must be adequately trained.

Safetymark can provide on site fire training for staff including fire warden and general fire awareness sessions.

Gas fuelled fire simulation units

We can provide gas fuelled fire simulation units, trainers can provide fire extinguisher usage in live fire scenarios, all under the safe control and guidance of a fire safety expert. This will help to ensure delegates have a full understanding and competence in the use of the portable fire equipment that may subsequently rely upon to protect the safety of occupants, the premises and the continuation of service.

Safetymark trainers are qualified to teach in the adult learning sector and provide the highest standards in modern presentation, using remote digital voting handsets to undertake confirmation of learning at the conclusion of training sessions. This allows the discreet monitoring of the performance of delegates without the need for a written examination, eradicating the problems of performance anxiety and language barriers in the workplace, while ensuring delegates have assimilated all of the required information.